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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  October 1, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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he took off the eastern shore. >> i might have to buy some stamps just to keep. >> stay with us. "news 4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. your monday morning commute could get that much worse. the group that plans to block traffic on purpose today to make a point. and bringing it home. the nats game that sets up the chance for a victory party today. good morning, everyone. i'm angie goff. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. eun is off this morning. welcome to "news 4 today." it is monday, october 1st. >> it's back to work and back to school for many of us and a little fog to deal with on your drive for some of you. >> meteorologist tom kierein is here with the details on that. >> look for deer too. this is the time they get active. they go out for dinner and dancing. >> is that what they do? >> a little wining and dining first, flowers and candlelight. they are active now, especially in the fog. you're not going to see them
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bounding across the roads in the rural areas. we've got the patchy, dense ground fog over the open field. watch out for that. down in the 40s most of maryland and virginia, except in the bay waters and tidal potomac. reagan national at 54. reduced visibilities. down to .5 in gaithersburg. locally, right around town, it's not too bad, but the fog could get a little thicker as the morning progresses a bit but then dissipate by late morning. right now getting high clouds moving in over the big full moon over the western sky. this is the area of rain, this area of color in southern virginia and the tennessee valley. that's going to be slowly creeping our way as the day progresses. we'll have increasing clouds. by 6:00 a.m., upper 40s. patchy fog by noon, mid-60s. and then mid to late afternoon, back down into the 60s. rain moving in tonight. a look at that and the hometown forecast in ten minutes. first 4 traffic with danella.
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good morning. >> good morning. let's start with a look at the rails. if you're looking at the rails, metro, marc, vre, not seeing any delays. over to the roadways, i-66 earlier this morning eastbound at nutley, road work there. that's gone. here's a live look at sudley heading eastbound and westbound. your travel lanes are open. not seeing any accidents, 66 inside the beltway. outside the beltway, very light in both directions. no issues as you make your way past east falls church metro station. clear in both directions. travel speed eastbound to get from the beltway to gw parkway, that drive will take you about 11 minutes. i'm back in ten. over to you. >> want to get to tony tull now at the live desk with breaking news. a suicide bomber in afghanistan killed at least 14 people, including three nato service members. the attack happened early this morning in eastern afghanistan in the city of khosh near kabul. check out this video. early reports say a suicide
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bomber riding a motorcycle loaded with explosives crashed his bike into a patrol of international and afghan forces as they exited their vehicles. the troops were preparing to patrol the market area. officials say the taliban have claimed responsibility for the many booing. live at the news desk, tony tull. aaron and angie, back to you. >> tony, thanks. police are investigating a shooting in northwest. it happened after 10:00 last night at new york avenue and north capitol street. police found a man shot in the arm and a woman shot in the leg. they are expected to be okay. no word yet on if the shooter has been identified. a traffic alert for drivers this morning. work on a major street scape project on "u" street begins today. crews will begin digging trenches along the half mile of "u" street between 9th and 14th streets. new sidewalks and drainage will eventually be put in there. that work was supposed to begin
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in june but was delayed because of permit issues. curbside parking in the area will be limited because of construction. crews do not expect any delay on traffic flow. the election is president obama's to lose. according to a new study, the ap says the president would be reelected if the election were held today. according to its analysis, he would win at least 271 electoral votes with victories in 21 states and washington, d.c. mitt romney would win 23 states, which would net him 206 electoral votes. to win, the republican presidential nominee would have to win six swing states, which are still up for grabs. he'd also need president obama to lose in ohio or iowa. the ap has him winning both states right now. also right now, president obama is in nevada preparing for wednesday night's first debate. senator john kerry is playing the role of mitt romney in the debate preps.
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the president many ka pacampaig night in las vegas. he asked supporters at this virginia high school to keep believing in him. the president does not have any events scheduled for today so he can focus on preparing for wednesday night. mitt romney is hoping the debate gives the presidential nominee a much needed boost. a supporter calls wednesday night the restart of this campaign. romney will hold a rally tonight in denver where the debate will take place. nationals get another shot to clinch a division title today. this time they'll be able to do it in front of the d.c. faithful. the nats couldn't seal the deal against the st. louis cardinals yesterday, losing 10-4. ross dettweiler struggled. so all they need to clinch the division is one win in their final three games against the phillies. they could also clinch that win if atlanta loses one game. the braves play pittsburgh in a
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three-game series that starts tonight. the orioles have punched their tickets to the playoffs as well. this came with unexpected excitement. there was a small fire on the team's plane, their charter flight to florida that forced them to make an emergency landing in jacksonville last night. the team was delayed by about an hour. the o's earned their first trip to the postseason in 15 years after a 6-3 win over the red sox in the team's home finale. baltimore could still win their division. right now they are tied for the top spot with the yankees with just three games left to play. it was a nail biter down for the redskins down in tampa. the team blew a 21-3 lead but were able to escape with a last second win. dan hellie was the reaction to this wild win. >> reporter: if there's such a thing as a tipping point to this wild season, this could have been the game for the redskins. they improve to 2-2 after a huge come from behindin over the buccaneers. it's the first time the redskins
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have come back to win a game in the final minute since 1999, and now they improve to .500 after a quarter of the way through the season instead of resting at 1-3. all the players know how big this victory was. >> it's huge. it means a happy plane ride back. it means a great week of practice. guys will be feeling good. we're 2-2. we're at .500 through the first quarter of the season. going back 1-3 is not a great feeling. >> just momentum-wise it's getting us to continue to stay positive going through the rest of the season. it's hard to give it your all, go out and bust your butt each and every day when you're losing. of course, you want to do good, but when you're losing, it definitely makes it tough. being 2-2 definitely changes things around. >> big sigh of relief. it would have been really tough to go 1-3. 2-2 is not where we want to be. we still feel like we're in the thick of things and we feel like this team can do a lot of good things. >> it's crucial. it validates the hard work we've been putting in and gives us
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momentum going forward. we've got an extremely tough team, undefeated team coming to town next week. 1-3 versus 2-2, i don't know why, but it's a monstrous difference. >> reporter: the redskins are right where they thought they'd be at 2-2. defensively they have a lot to work out. the secondary continues to give up big plays. but on offense, the all rookie field of robert griffin and albert morris tougher than expected. rg3 having one of the best seasons ever for a rookie quarterback, and alfred morris ranks in the top five in the nfl for rushing. he's on pace for more than 1,500 yards. from tampa, dan hellie, news 4 sports. >> pretty impressive numbers there. >> can't wait for saturday. >> that's what we like to hear for sure. 5:08 is our time. next the protest this morning that could cause headaches for your commute. plus clearing the air. how that is now a sigh of relief for people who live and work in one part of alexandria. [ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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time for weather and trafblling traffic on the ones. hometown forecast for frederick county, maryland. it's going to be partly to a little bit cloudy by 7:00 a.m.
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temperatures in the low to mid-40s. by noontime, much of the area in the 60s. that's what's going to be in frederick with the mid and upper 60s with a partly cloudy sky. the rest of the afternoon hour by hour increasing clouds, a high near 70 in the afternoon. then this evening, if you have plans and you're going to the nats game, it might get rainedo. some rain may be moving in after sunset and especially likely after 10:00 until midnight. a look at the rest of the week in ten minutes. danella with your first 4 traffic. good morning. >> good morning, tom. let's start in bethesda. if you're making your commute there, police are responding to a report of an accident involving a pedestrian on the 700 block of wisconsin avenue right near woodmont. please be aware if you're making the commute there. prince george's county, i-95 clear in both directions. i'll give you a look past 201, getting by without issue. looks good from 201 all the way
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to the american legion bridge. travel lanes appear to be open. earlier construction appears to be gone at the inner loop right near 193, university boulevard, but that's gone now. no accidents to report. i'll be back in ten. aaron and angie, back over to you. your time right now is 5:13. ahead on "news 4 today," how a northern virginia church is leading the way to help those affected by foreclosure.
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16 after the hour. today marks the one-year anniversary since occupy d.c. started. news 4's megan mcgrath live at farragut square with what we can expect. >> reporter: good morning, aaron
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and angie. itted can be a little dicey for folks that travel along the "k" street corridor because of protests scheduled for later on today. this is the one-year anniversary of the occupy d.c. movement. you remember protesters began to camp out in mcpherson square as well as freedom plaza protesting corporate greed among other things. they were kicked out when the park police began to enforce no camping rules. they're back this week. they're going to be staging a number of protests, including one that gets under way at 7:00 this morning. there are two groups that are going to meet here at farragut square at 7:00 a.m. they're going to begin marching along the "k" street area, and they are then going to converge at freedom plaza by 10:00 this morning. then they're saying from 11:30 until 2:00 they're going to shut down "k" street. they are planning on disrupting traffic. we're told to expect delays, expect disruptions during this
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morning's rush hour as well as later on this afternoon. so if you work in the area, you certainly want to factor that in to your commute. it's also possible we could see protests popping up in other locations around the area as well. we'll just have to wait and see. reporting live in northwest, megan mcgrath, news 4. back to you. also happening today, a controversial coal fired power plant in alexandria will close. the genon planned opened in 1949. it scaled back in recent years. genon will get back money the city held in escrow to use environmental controls under an agreement signed in 2008. alexandria mayor bill euille says the city hopes to redevelop the site into commercial and retail space. today a group is hoping to secure millions of dollars to help those affected by foreclosure in prince william county, virginia. virginiians organized for interfaith community engagement,
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or voice, will press elected officials to compensate people who were foreclosed on. people are expected to attend a meeting tonight at st. paul's community center in woodbridge, including virginia senator mark warner. the group hopes to secure between $300 million and $500 million. friends and classmates of a teenager killed in a plane crash over the weekend will be able to speak with an counselor this morning. 13-year-old kyle morton and his father john morton died after the plane crashed near the airport. people on the ground say they heard the engine stall in midair. >> you heard the engine. then you didn't hear -- it just like disappeared. then you heard the branches. then you heard the loud crash. trailer shook. >> neighbors say john morton had a passion for flying, was a
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former marine, and worked for an airline that folded. a group of 14 mcdonald's employees from baltimore is suing a co-worker for lottery fraud. that's according to the "baltimore sun. "those 14 workers claim she defrauded the maryland lottery to avoid sharing a $656 million payout with them. in april wilson claimed to have purchased the winning ticket and then lost it. now she says she never had the ticket. lottery officials say the real winners are three public school educators. if you thought we have a lot of accidents around here, check this out. at least 61 rear end crashes were reported on one chinese road in just 20 hours over the weekend. that's about three accidents an hour. it was a holiday weekend in china as the mid-autumn festival got under way. police say that meant a number of cars on the road and backups that stretched for miles. >> i cannot imagine.
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what is it, a billion people over there? >> there's a lot of people on bikes too and a lot of people driving more these days in china as well. this helps us appreciate washington traffic. we don't see that often. >> 5:29 is our time. we've also been seeing pretty nice weather the last couple of weeks. tom, what's in store? >> the weekend was great. now this morning, we're dealing with fog. we don't see any fog here around washington. here's a live view from our nbc 4 hd city camera. the monument under a partly cloudy sky. the beautiful, bright full moon under a western sky. we did have overnight showers. those are gone. now light rain creeping into virginia out of the south. light rain south of richmond, along the north carolina border. that stretches all the way into kentucky and the tennessee valley. that's going to be getting closer to the metro area. it's going to begin to move off to the north and east by later this afternoon and early this evening. look at all these areas in blue. they're in the 40s. that includes most of maryland and just about all of northern virginia, parts of southern maryland and into the mountains.
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a few locations in western pennsylvania in the 30s. we are in the mid-50s in washington and right along the tidal potomac and right near the bay. as the day progresses, we'll have increasing clouds with a high near 70. then some rain likely moving in by later this evening. may cause a rain delay or even a postponement of tonight's nationals game, and occasional showers are likely tomorrow. highs reaching the mid-70s. that will interrupt the game as well. more showers wednesday morning. then drying out wednesday afternoon. feeling like a little touch of summer in october on wednesday afternoon into thursday and friday, low to mid-80s. partly sunny thursday, friday, into saturday. cooler weather moves in for the weekend. could get showers on sunday. that is the way it looks right now. i'll be back in ten minutes. a look at your first 4 traffic with danella. good morning. >> good morning. thanks, tom. checking the roadways, traveling along i-95 in virginia. first let's talk about some delays. earlier in morning northbound as you make your way towards route 17, paving only had one lane
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getting by. paving should be completed. i'm still seeing delays. as you're traveling i-95 northbound, slow prior to 3, delays continue just past 17. a live look as you make your way past prince william parkway. heading northbound. southbound is clear. northbound is getting a little bit of congestion, not a lot of volume just yet. just a bit more volume than southbound in this area. you're clear as you make your way to the springfield interchange. accident free in this area. back over to you both. >> danella, thanks. the sequel was just as good as the original. officials in los angeles reopened the busy 405 freeway this morning, ending carmageddon 2. part of the freeway was shut down over the weekend because of a major construction project. drivers were warned to stay off the road to avoid huge traffic jams. there were some reports about a few roller bladers and some pedestrians sneaking onto that empty freeway on sunday. >> you knew that was going to happen. after former california governor arnold schwarzenegger's new memoir comes out today, schwarzenegger claims the book,
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which is called "total recall," will reveal many secrets about his life. he'll be in town tomorrow to promote the book. he'll be at the hamilton on 14th street northwest for a book signing. that event is sold out. the man accused of assaulting lindsay lohan inside a new york city hotel room over the weekend is out of jail. the actress told police she and the 25-year-old man were fighting over cell phone photos he took. she says she took the phone, and he punched and choked her, then threw her to the ground. police arrested the man, who works on capitol hill for illinois congressman. he was charged with assault and harass many the. police then dropped those charges for a lacof evidence. guns and other belongings owned by some of america's most famous gangsters are up for auction. the most sought after items are guns and holsters used by the infamous crime couple bonnie and clyde. the guns were recovered from their car after they were shot and killed by police in
5:25 am
louisiana in 1934. a document signed by al capone, and an i.d. card belonging to famous lawman elliott ness are also on the block. some items are expected to fetch more than $100,000. a michigan teenager is gaining support and respect after taking a stand against bullies at her high school. 16-year-old whitney cropp was apparently nominated for homecoming court as a joke. she was going to stay away from the game, but she changed her mind. kropp has a message for other kids being picked on. >> for the kids bullying you, don't let them bring you down. go with your heart and your gut. that's what i did. look at me now. >> kropp's clothes, hair, jewelry, and makeup were all donated. kids came out to cheer her on wearing orange shirts saying, "it's not cool to be cruel." >> can't say it better than that. she looked absolutely wonderful.
5:26 am
>> a good life lesson. bullying is so different from when we were kids. >> and she said this wasn't her first bout. she said it actually started when she was younger. what a way to go out with a bang. >> good for her. absolutely. the time is 5:25. coming up, weather and traffic on the ones.
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good morning. a lot of people waking up, pouring their coffee, wondering what they're going to have to wear today, tom. we're looking at fog in the rural areas. watch out for that. other than that, a chill in the air. down to the mid-40s, much of northern virginia, much of maryland, and into west virginia. it's kind of a damp chill as well. so as a result of the calm winds and the clear sky overnight, we have had fog forming in many of the rural areas. fog is especially dense in parts of montgomery county and farther west into washington county, panhandle of west virginia into the mountains there. visibility there down to a quarter mile in some locations. a little bit of patchy fog in some of the rural areas around open fields. watch out for any roadways in open fields. could have patchy fog. overnight rain long gone, high clouds drifting in, getting rain in southern virginia out of the tennessee valley. that will be approaching us, but not until perhaps around sunset later tonight. until then, increasing clouds. by 7:00, upper 40s.
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by noon, mid-60s. 3:00 year 70 with a cloudy afternoon. sunrise 7:04. sunset at 6:50 p.m. this evening. that's getting earlier and ea earli earlier. i'll be back in ten minutes with a hometown forecast. danella has first 4 traffic. good morning. this time in maryland, making your way from annapolis heading towards 301. nice clear as you head eastbound. connecting to the beltway, no issues there. here's a live look as you make your way past connecticut avenue. in montgomery county, your travel lanes are open. looking clear here as well. on the outer loop, to make your way from i-95 heading towards i-270, not bad. 58 miles an hour. that drive taking ten minutes. it's going to slow down soon, just not yet. angie, over to you. >> danella, thanks. it is a big week ahead for the two presidential candidates. the first debate is wednesday in denver. nbc's tracie potts is live with more on how the candidates are spending the next few days
5:32 am
preparing. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: angie, good morning. good morning, everyone. romney has actually been preparing for the last month, since the end of the gop convention. president obama now holed up for the next couple of days in nevada sparring with john kerry, his debate partner, to get ready for this first presidential debate on wednesday. both sides lowering expectations. the an aide for obama said romney will be prepared and aggressive. an aide for romney ss he should not be underestimated. here's what both candidates had to say about wednesday. >> what i'm most concerned about is having a serious discussion about what we need to do to keep the country growing and restore security for hard working americans. >> the american people will listen carefully to the conversation that's held over three debates and the fourth with the vice presidential
5:33 am
debate, and they'll decide who can help their family, who will be able to get our economy going in the way it could be going, and they'll make the decision based on what they believe is in the best interests of the country and their own family. >> reporter: both sides already planning their post-debate rallies. mitt romney and his running mate paul ryan will be in virginia on thursday. president obama is staying in colorado. angie? >> tracie, thank you. this morning we're getting a sense of when marylanders think of some ballot initiatives they'll vote on next month. according to a new "baltimore sun" poll, nearly half of maryland voters say they will vote in favor of same sex marriage. a poll finds a majority of voters oppose question 7, which would expand gambling in the state and put a casino in prince george's county. and voters are split on maryland's version of the d.r.e.a.m. act, giving some immigrants access to instate tuition. 44% in favor, and 41% opposed.
5:34 am
that three-point difference is within the margin of error. victims of domestic violence in maryland will get extra protection. people who have to leave their jobs because of the threat of violence will now be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits. plus judges will have to report whether defendants have a domestically related relationship with their victims. police will use this list to monitor domestic violence offenders. and new scooter laws go into effect in maryland today l as well. now all scooter and moped wearers have to wear a helmet and eye protection. scoot erers and mopeds will havo have insurance, just like a car. gay marriage will be on the card for the supreme court today. president clinton signed the law which states the federal government will only recognize marriages between a man and a woman.
5:35 am
the court will also hear a case that challenges whether race should be a factor in college admissions. a white student sued the university of texas after she claims she was rejected unfairly. >> there were people in my class with lower grades who weren't in all the activities i was in who were being accepted into ut, and the only other difference between us was the color of our skin. >> the best way to get to racial diversity is to consider race in an individualized way that looks at the whole applicant. >> six of the supreme court justices attended a special mass yesterd yesterday. the traditional red mass takes place the sunday before the supreme court begins its new term. 5:35. news 4's tony tull at the live desk with breaking news. >> a little bit of sad news to report this morning. nbc news has just learned that 3 of the 16 people killed by a suicide bomber this morning in afghanistan were, in fact, american nato service members. the attack happened earlier this morning in eastern afghanistan in the city of khost near kabul.
5:36 am
now a suicide bomber riding a motorcycle loaded with explosives crashed his bike into a patrol of international and afghan forces as they exited their vehicles. the troops were preparing to patrol a market in the area. over 50 people have been injured in this blast. the taliban have been claiming responsibility for this many booinb -- bombing. live at the news desk, tony tull, back to you. in nearby pakistan, a drone attack in that country. the attack happened near the town of mir ali in northern afghanistan. the drone hit a car heading towards the village. the dead are suspected militants. that region is known for harboring several terrorist groups. despite protests from japanese citizens, six u.s. military aircraft were transferred to a base in japan today. hundreds of protesters demonstrated outside that base on the southern island of okinawa. they say osprey hybrid aircraft
5:37 am
have bad safety records and are dangerous for people living near the base. more than 50,000 american troops are currently stationed in japan. iran is looking to replace google and its e-mail service. officials say they have already banned g mail in response to the controversial anti-islam film made in america. the film was posted on youtube, which is owned by google. iran's telecommunications department promises a clean version of the internet to help curb western influence. and the time 5:37. next, the interview with d.c. sniper lee boyd malvo. >> i'm sorry i murdered your husband. i'm sorry i murdered your wife. >> what the convicted killer had to say about the actions he made as he terrorized the d.c. region.
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"and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. a dramatic comeback has the american golf world reeling this morning. british golfers made a last day push to win the ryder cup on u.s. turf yesterday. it came down to one match between u.s. veteran steve stricker and europe's martin
5:41 am
kaymer. stricker made his par putt forcing kaymer to also make his and seal the win. somebody got excited there. the u.s. looking for just its third cup win since 1999 but blew a four-point lead on the final day. grown men cry when that kind of thing happens. >> well, yeah. excited with good reason. for a long time we thought the u.s. had it in the bag. >> didn't happen that way. >> tough, tough loss. brutal loss for us. let's talk about the weather out there. cool start to our work week. >> i'm going chilly on this one. >> we can use that word indeed. chill in the air. weather and traffic on the ones at 5:41 early this monday morning. if you're about to head out the door, grab a jacket or sweater. hometown forecast, front royal. partly sunny skies and a little patchy fog. by noontime low 60s. hour by hour throughout the day, mid-60s by noontime with
5:42 am
increasing clouds. during the afternoon near 70. going all cloudy by late afternoon. late afternoon into the mid-60s. for this evening, unfortunately for the nats game, it might get rained out or at least a rain delay. some rain moving in by late evening. it's going to be around. does look like it's beginning tomorrow. a look at the rest of the week and the weekend. your seven day outlook coming up at 5:51. danella has a look at traffic. good morning. >> good morning, tom. let's start with a look at the rails. they're looking good if you're taking the metro, marc, or vre, not seeing any reported delays. over to the roadway. if you're traveling along the dulles toll road checking out things there, your commute in both directions, eastbound and westbound, nice and clear. not seeing any accidents to report. as you make your way from the dulles toll road traveling to the beltway from the interchange, your travel lanes are open really in both directions. not seeing any issues to report right now. angie and aaron, back topher ou. >> danella, thanks. it is 5:42. coming up, why gm is recalling
5:43 am
cars sold in warm weather states. e.
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ten years after the beltway sniper attacks, lee boyd malvo is opening up about the shootings that paralyzed our area. malvo spoke to the washington post about his part in the attacks that injured 10 and killed 3 others in a three-week span. right now he's serving a life sentence without parole in a virginia prison. in the interview, malvo called himself a monster for what he did a decade ago. >> i was a ghoul. i was a thief. i stole people's lives. i did someone else's bidding just because they said so. i mean, that is the definition of a monster.
5:47 am
>> malvo's accomplice in the shootings, john allen muhammad, was executed in 2009. 5:46 now. montgomery county police say they now know who tried to kidnap a teenager from a silver spring mcdonald's last week. the man caught on surveillance cameras is 31-year-old rodney murell. police helped identify him after he checked into a district hospital. murell grabbed a 13-year-old boy at a mcdonald's on colesville road and tried to drag him out of the restaurant. murell claimed he was a police officer. a security guard tried to stop him, and he ran off. he will be arrested once he was out of the hospital. a mother whose daughter was killed by a driver high on drugs says the punishment does not fit the crime. on friday 24-year-old carlos lucas was sentenced to serve 11 years in prison for involuntary manslaughter. police say lucas was under the influence of pcp when he rear-ended a car along route 29 in gainesville in november of
5:48 am
2010. 20-year-old megan ganders of chantilly and 15-year-old david richardson died. a 21-year-old was also hurt. megan's mother says the victim should have received the maximum of 23 years. >> whoever commits the crime, they have more rights than we do. >> carlos lucas' mother tells news 4 her son completed a drug rehabilitation program while behind bars. meantime, wines says she would like to establish a scholarship fund in her daughter's name. she's also considering sponsoring a 5k race and donating the proceeds to a fund. a man who got in a standoff with police at a virginia marina will appear in court. 44-year-old john watson was arrested saturday after a several hours long standoff at the bell haven marina in alexandria. police were called to the scene late friday for reports of shots fired. when they got there, watson
5:49 am
jumped into a dinghy and made his way to a sailboat in the potomac. police have not said what led to that shooting. the man suspected of shooting a security guard at the family research council will be in court later this morning. floyd lee corkins is accused of walking into the headquarters of that conservative group last month and opening fire. corkins told a security guard that he didn't like the group's policies, which include opposing homosexuality. the guard survived the attack and was able to restrain corkins until help arrived. california will become the first state to ban a form of therapy aimed at trying to turn gay teens straight. governor jerry brown will sign a bill for a ban of what's known as conversion therapy. it can increase teens' risk of depression and suicide. conservative religious groups sabaning the practice will help parents trying to care for kids experiencing gender confusion. also in california,
5:50 am
undocumented immigrants will soon be able to get driver's licenses. the governor brown signed into law a controversial bill that allows the immigrants to drive legally if they qualify for a new federal work permit program. that program applies to immigrants who came to the united states before they were 16 years of age and are still 30 years old or younger and meet other criteria. a new report out this morning suggests there may be a small but concerning rise in the abuse of babies. the journal of pediatrics looked at statistics on children admitted to hospitals. they found a nearly 11% increase in serious injuries to babies a year old and younger over the past 12 years. that contradicts a government study that showed a decrease in abuse of all children over the past decade. more research needs to be done to determine which trend is more accurate. a new piece of president obama's health care law takes effect today, designed to help bring health care costs down. hospitals will now face fines if they have too many patients that
5:51 am
are readmitted within 30 days of being discharged. medicare will impose the penalties, which they estimate will affect more than 2,000 hospitals across the country. opponents of the plan say this will hurt facilities that serve the poor. it is 5:51 right now. if you're off to an early start this morning, you might want to grab a jacket. >> light jacket or heavy cardigan, both will due because, as i mentioned before, we can define the weather as chilly. >> and bring along a foghorn too, if you happen to have that. we've got fog around this morning. there was a little fog yesterday morning over the occoquan reservoir. that's where i took this picture while kayaking there. one of the great natural resources in fairfax county. that was from fountainhead park where i launched. right now no fog in washington. there's a live view from capitol hill. right now it's 54, and the
5:52 am
dewpoint's up there. we've got a rather a bit of humidity in the air that's going to be causing fog to sort of thicken up here over the next few hours. right now getting patchy dense fog, shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia, much of western maryland. and temperatures in the mid-40s. only the mid-40s in parts of montgomery county. arlington and fairfax, upper 40s. right on the bay the wa ewaters low to mid-50s. looking at what's been happening the last 12 hours, overnight showers are long gone. more rain moving up toward richmond and roanoke. a lot of it's going to stay south. eventually, we'll have rain moving into the metro area this evening. for the morning commute, just patchy fog around, and, yes, a chill in the air. still in the 40s and low to mid-50s for another couple of hours. by noontime, ought to hit low to mid-60s, clouds and sun in and out, but still rather cool. midafternoon, ought to be up around 70 degrees. then we'll get rain developing, looks like this evening. that may interrupt tonight's all
5:53 am
important nats game. as we get into tomorrow too, it could interrupt the game tomorrow as we get into tomorrow evening, more showers, off and on rain from tuesday morning all the way into tuesday evening, perhaps lingering into wednesday morning. then a touch of summer in october. on wednesday afternoon, the low 80s. as we dry out, sunshine in and out thursday and friday with highs low to mid-80s. over the weekend cooler. could get showers on sunday. i'll return in ten minutes. here's a look at traffic with danella. good morning. >> good morning. starting to see a slow trip on i-270 as you make your way southbound from frederick. that's where the delays start. we'll fly over it together right now. 42 miles per hour at 85. even slower as you make your way to 109. 33 miles per hour southbound there. also at 109, i have report of an accident. you can see you are slower. in germantown, travel lanes are open. not bad past germantown road. in fact, clear on i-270 from germantown all the way to rockville. not seeing any accidents between germantown and rockville. angie, over to you. >> danella, thank you.
5:54 am
you may be seeing some of these stunning images in your mailbox in the coming weeks. the post office will issue earth scapes forever stamps starting today. these pictures feature remarkable images of american landscapes. some photos wereaken hundreds of feet above the ground. others hundreds of miles above the earth's surface. the post office will dedicate the stamps at nasa's goddard space flight center in greenbelt. gas prices are falling after reaching near record highs in september. the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded is now $3.78. that's down 2 cents from a week ago. prices in the d.c. area are down as well. in d.c. down 2 cents from yesterday. in maryland, you're paying about $3.70 right now. the cheap spot is virginia with an average of $3.61 a gallon, down a penny from yesterday. and in west virginia, the average is $3.85.
5:55 am
a gm recall is affecting tens of thousands of drivers but only in certain regions of the country. cnbc's shartia brantley is live with that story and more. good monday to you, shartia. >> good morning, angie. general motors is recalling more than 40,000 vehicles sold in warm weather states such as california and florida because of potential fuel leaks. the recall affects the chevy cobalt and pontiac g5 sedans from the 2007 to 2009 model years, and the chevy equinox, pontiac torrent, and saturn ion from 2007. parts connected to the fuel pump could crack, allowing fuel to leak and cause a fire. gm says it hasn't received any reports of fires or injuries. this is gm's second recall in two weeks. and more people are getting their news on the go. a new survey by the pew research center finds about half of all adult americans now own a smart phone or tablet, and a third of
5:56 am
them use their device to view news stories or video clips at least once a week. about a fifth of mobile news viewers say they pay for an online subscription, but they're not totally ready to give up on the printed word. a third of people say they want int only subscriptions and have no plans to give them up. guys, call me old l skschool, b happen to agree with them. >> i'm with you. thanks, shartia. >> firefighters in prince george's county are doing their part to raise awareness about breast cancer. for the rest of the month, firefighters will forego normal uniform shirts for special pink ones like this. firefighters were able to raise and donate about $10,000 to breast cancer research last year. they hope to surface their goal this year and raise $13,000. you can help them by buying a shirt online. you'll find a link to their website on our website, and on facebook at "news 4 today."
5:57 am
starting today on ellen, breast cancer awareness month kicks off with an audience full of survivors, and one of those women is from northern virginia. >> my name is jamie jenson. >> hi, jamie. where do you live? >> i live in bristow, virginia, outside of d.c. >> who are you here with? >> jamie jenson and shelly norman are sisters. shelly wrote to ellen degeneres about jamie's battle with breast cancer. she says they've always loved watching the show, and they both needed a good laugh. >> for this entire year had just been so horrible for her that i wanted to distract her. i wanted to make something exciting for her. i wanted to give her an experience that was so unlike what she was going through. and i thought who better than ellen? she does so much for everybody. >> of course, ellen didn't let the ladies walk away empty handed. you can watch the full episode today right here on nbc 4. ellen begins at 3:00 followed by news 4 at 4:00. ahead, why the cost of a
5:58 am
breakfast staple could be about to double.
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